Celebrating Two Decades of Making Learning Fun

Notes from the President:


Yesterday was a special day at Easter Seals as we celebrated Delores Williams, who has been shaping the lives of young students at the Easter Seals Child Development Center inside the National Archives and Records Administration for 20 years!

Our leadership team had a wonderful time observing Delores’ mastery of her classroom, and hear from her students what they love about this exceptional educator. Just a few of the responses from the two-year olds included, “she reads to me,” “she sings,” and “she plays.” Reactions such as that tell you all you need to know about the effect she has on her students. And why long-time employees of the National Archives stop Ms. Williams in the hall to keep her up to date on the accomplishments of her grown students, some of whom are now in college!


Those success stories, and the responses Delores’ style and methods elicit from her students are the embodiment of Easter Seals’ child-centered “learn through play” curriculum. Our educators help children learn to explore their world. The sense of curiosity our teachers nurture, and the joy they incorporate into the learning process set Easter Seals students up for a lifetime of educational achievement and workplace success.

Of course, Ms. Williams had more wisdom to share. When I asked her what kids need most, she noted that “the biggest thing is making sure that every child feels loved and understood no matter what is happening with behavior at the moment. Even when children misbehave, and every child will at some point, they still need to feel loved, and that’s what I provide.” She also noted how kids do grow up faster now than when she first joined Easter Seals 20 years ago – they are exposed to more at a younger age, and that is also why she believes the undercurrent of love and acceptance is more important than ever.

Jon-and-Delores.png    IMG_1470

Finally, Ms. Williams shared how important the culture at Easter Seals is. She appreciates the diversity of our families and staff – the many cultures and special needs represented make Easter Seals a fun and learning environment for her, and that’s why she has been with us for 20 years! It’s great to celebrate a lifelong learner nurturing future generations of lifelong learners!  Please join me in congratulating Ms. Williams!

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